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Serene Plus

Our business class doesn't only offer comfort, but a serene ambience and the ultimate home experience. Serene Plus offers spacious recliner seats, exquisite cuisine and all related avant-garde amenities, that are a must for a memorable journey.

On-time performance

On-time performance is the method of measuring punctuality for airlines. SereneAir is the only private airline to gain the trust of its passengers by giving 98.8% on-time performance, which demonstrates SereneAir' reliability. Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, we make sure that you reach your destination on time, every time. SereneAir aims to give its passengers the best possible experience with perfect on-time performance and best services.

Baggage allowance

To make your travel as convenient as possible, SereneAir' checked-in baggage allowance is 40kg (02 piece) and the dimensions should not exceed 54 inches (L+W+H=54). Hand carry should not exceed 7kg in total, with dimensions no more than 45 inches (L+W+H=45). Laptop will be excluded from hand carry.

Different menu every day

Bored of having the same meal on your flight every time? We understand that a meal no matter how good it tastes the first time, just losses its inclination the next time. Hence, SereneAir offers a different menu every day to pleasantly surprise its passengers on every flight. Each time better than last.

Sky interior

SereneAir is pushing the boundaries of interior design to recapture the magic of a serene in-flight experience. A spacious, comfortable look with soft LED lighting, thoughtfully balanced for leisure, work or rest. Known as the Boeing Sky Interior, it introduces new pivoting overhead bins which itself is a first for a Boeing narrow body aircraft, new sidewalls, new passenger service units, and LED mood lighting all combined to deliver an unprecedented in-flight experience.

More leg space

Traveling by air, it's likely that you will come to the conclusion that one of the considerable contributors to a comfortable flight is how much leg space is available between seats. At a time when seat sizes are shrinking more and more, it has become more challenging to find this comfort at 30,000 feet. SereneAir offers its travelers a spacious and comfortable seat space to ensure a pleasant journey.

Preallocation of seats

A "Pre-reserved Seat" option allows you to reserve your preferred seat(s) during the booking process. With SereneAir, you can experience a complete freedom of choice by opting for any seat you like.

Courteous cabin crew

Stepping on a SereneAir aircraft, you will get a warm welcome on-board from our gracious Cabin Crew. SereneAir boasts an enthusiastic and professional team of cabin crew. Our crew is the face of our airline. They are polite, courteous and ready to help. They are there to make your journey truly peaceful and comforting.

Boeing trained cockpit crew

SereneAir fully understands the responsibilities that rest with a pilot at 30,000 feet. Hence it has handpicked the best of the best in the industry and trained them with Boeing to deliver a safe and serene flying experience.

Brand of the Year 2020
Consumers Icon Award 2021
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